Vanessa McBride


I use a multi-wavelength approach to understanding massive X-ray binaries, their evolution and their role as tracers of star formation.  I am also particularly interested in how the Be star circumstellar discs influence the accretion process in Be X-ray binaries.

Recent projects include:

Massive X-ray binaries in the Magellanic Bridge                  Searching for LMXBs in the SMC

Monitoring and modelling of Gamma-ray binaries

Mapping Galactic Structure with Open Clusters


RW James Building, Room 5.33

University of Cape Town

Private Bag X3

Rondebosch, 7701

T: +27 21 650 2393 or +27 21 460 9301

F: +27 21 650 4547

email: vanessa at


Senior Lecturer in Observational Astronomy

University of Cape Town & SAAO

BSc(Hons) Cape Town, MSc Cape Town,

PhD Southampton