Welcome to the MeerKAT Transients KSP

This site will serve as a discussion forum for the MeerKAT Transients Key Science Proposal.

ThunderKAT postdocs in Cape Town

Valerio Ribeiro and Richard Armstrong have started their SKA-SA ThunderKAT postdoc at the University of Cape Town in August and September 2011, respectively. Valerio's scientific background is in outflow from (recurrent) novae and will be developing science links with the Mozambican SKA community. Richard's scientific background is in high performance signal processing in radio astronomy and will work on the ThunderKAT transient pipeline developments.

ThunderKAT workshop in Arniston: 19-21 April 2011

Details of the first ThunderKAT workshop in Arniston can be found on the web site: http://www.ast.uct.ac.za/arniston2011 (see also the link on this web site). Please send a confirmation of attendance (with completed hotel form) to arniston [at] ast.uct.ac.za by 15 January 2011.

ThunderKAT postdoctoral position at UCT

The Department of Astronomy of the University of Cape Town (www.ast.uct.ac.za) is opening a postdoctoral fellow research position in radio transients funded by the South African SKA office and the National Research Foundation. South Africa is constructing MeerKAT, a 64-dish radio interferometer serving as SKA precursor (http://www.ska.ac.za ). Recently, the approved MeerKAT Key Science Projects were announced, and UCT is leading four of those, representing 40 percent of MeerKAT time. One of these surveys is the 3000-hour ThunderKAT survey for astrophysical transients (PIs: Woudt and Fender).

ThunderKATs are GO!

We received 'Key Science Project' status on 12 October 2010.

A first ThunderKAT workshop to discuss the next steps forward is proposed for 19-21 April 2011, in Arniston (South Africa).

Distribution list

I have set up a general mailing/distribution list which will reach all collaborators on this proposal. To send a message to all collaborators, use "transients [at] ast.uct.ac.za".

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