Stella Novae: Past and Future Decades

4 - 8 February 2013, Cape Town


We will have a laptop available for all presentation and prefer to run the talks from this dedicated machine; keynote, pdf, powerpoint, openoffice, etc. will run on this machine. You may use your own laptop to for your presentation. However, we request that you test the laptop against the projector well before your talk (at least in the coffee/tea break before your scheduled talk). We will also post the talks online during the conference so we request that you send us a copy of your talk ahead of your presentation.

We will be keeping to the following times:

  1. Invited Reviews: 45 min
  2. Invited Contributions: 30 min
  3. Contributed talks: 20 min

All the times listed above include 3 minutes of question time for contributed talks and invited contributions, and 5 minutes of question time for the invited reviews.

There will be poster presentations throughout the week where participants can very briefly present 1 slide in 2 minute for their poster

Poster Boards

We will supply poster boards with A0 size. Here the posters can be pinned or stuck onto. Further details will be supplied to the poster presenters.

Power Plugs

We will be providing extension leads at the venue. The most commonly used power plug are Type M and Type C. In most of the extension leads we will be supplying will only have the Type M plug.