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The Big Data Revolution comes to Africa!

UCT Astronomy's Prof. Russ Taylor talks about tackling the big data challenges coming to Africa, in the era of the MeerKAT and SKA telescope arrays, in this article.

South African Astronomers Get Serious about SKA Science

The "Advancing Astrophysics with the Square Kilometre Array" Conference was held in Sicily last month, with a strong showing from South Africa. UCT Astronomy was represented by no fewer than 11 Astronomers at the meeting, aimed at showcasing the diverse and far-reaching science that we can expect from the SKA.

SA Astronomers at SKA Meeting in Sicily
Image Credit: SKA South Africa


Triple Supermassive Black Hole System Discovery Opens New Window on Exotic Physics

UCT Astronomer and SKA Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr Roger Deane, is the lead of a team of scientists who have discovered a "black hole trio" in a distant galaxy, as published today in the journal Nature. Not only do their results suggest that these systems are far more common than originally thought, but that future radio telescopes, like MeerKAT and the African VLBI Network, will make direct contributions towards detecting and understanding the gravitational wave signal generated by these systems as they warp the fabric of spacetime.

Astronomy shines at UCT June 2014 Graduation

The June 12th Faculty of Science Graduation, held in Jameson Hall, was a showcase for the exciting future of astronomy in South Africa. Not only was Dr Bernie Fanaroff, SKA SA Project Director, awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University, but the Astronomy Department had no less than three PhDs in Astronomy and seven MSc degrees in Astrophysics and Space Science conferred.


Astronomy Class Medal Winners for 2013

The Astronomy Department is pleased to announce their Class Achievement Winners for 2013. The recipients were presented their awards at a special tea held in the Department on June 4, 2014. We congratulate the following on their outstanding achievements:

Class Medal Winners

* Simon Kruger - Class Medal in AST1000F (Introduction to Astronomy)

* Simon Lewis - Class Medal in AST2002H (Astrophysics)

* Lerato Sebokolodi - Certificate of Achievement in AST2002H (Astrophysics)

* Nazir Makda - Class Medal in AST2003H (Astronomical Techniques)

* Naomi van Jaarsveld - Class Medal in AST3002F (Stella Astrophysics)

* Lauren Hunt - Class Medal in AST3003S (Galactic and Extragalactic Astrophysics)

* Kerry Paterson - Class Medal in AST4007W (BSc (Hons) in Astrophysics and Space Science - NASSP)

* Ahmed Elagali - Medal of Achievement in AST4007W (BSc (Hons) in Astrophysics and Space Science - NASSP)

A Handful of Stars

Prof. Michael Feast is featured in the May 19th edition of UCT's Monday Paper where he talks about his latest article in the prestigious journal, Nature. Read more about the man behind the discovery here: A Handful of Stars

SAAO and UCT Astronomers Discover Stars in the Galactic Flare

Full details to appear in the 15 May 2014 edition of Nature. For further information, see the SAAO Press Release and the following media sites: :

Times Live :

ZeeNews :

Teaching Observatory Blog

With the 2014 academic year in progress, both the 2nd year undergraduate students (AST2003H) and the 3rd year undergraduate students (AST3002F) are using the Teaching Observatory again. For the 3rd year students, we will use the SBIG Self Guiding Spectrograph (SGS) for the first time this year, taking spectra of bright stars in the southern sky and characterising the new spectrograph.

Some of the highlights of the 2014 curriculum observing sessions will be posted on the web site of the Tony Fairall Teaching Observatory in the course of the academic year.

Dancing black holes near their grand finale

New UCT/UWC SKA Chair appointment

The UCT Astronomy Department and the UWC Physics Department are delighted to announce that

the joint UCT/UWC SKA Research Chair

has been filled and will be taken up in January 2014 by Prof Russ Taylor

Prof Taylor is coming to us from Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Calgary. He has extensive expertise in radio astronomy, in particular wide-field polarization, cosmic magnetism and Big Data, and has played a prominent role in the SKA project since its inception. He was one of the founding international SKA project scientists and co-authored the first SKA science case. He currently represents Canada as one of the national members on the SKA Organization Board. Before that he served as the founding Executive Secretary of the International SKA Steering Committee, the predecessor to the International SKA Science and Engineering Committee. He is interested in using MeerKAT to detect polarized signals from the low luminosity AGN and star forming galaxies as an initial step toward the SKA key science area of the evolution of cosmic magnetism. Both UWC and UCT are extremely pleased that Prof Taylor will start building up this research area in South Africa.


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