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Dr Matthew Schurch

UCT Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

About Me


PhD Astrophysics, University of Southampton,
Southampton, UK
MSci Physics with Astrophysics, University of Bristol,
Bristol, UK
Contact details:
RW James Building (Upper Campus), Room 528
Phone: +27 21 650 3323 / fax: +27 21 650 4547
schurch "at"

I am a UCT Post-Doctoral research Fellow working with A/Prof. Patrick Woudt. My primary research interest lie in the study of astrophysical transient events. In particular I am interested in X-ray, radio and optical outbursts originating in binary star systems both within our own galaxy the Milky Way and in its neighbours, the Magellanic Clouds. These systems typically harbour a compact object (white dwarf, neutron star or black hole) that is accreting material from a donor star. I am a member of the ThunderKAT Large Survey Project on MeerKAT and the GAIA Science Alerts working group focusing on CVs and X-ray Binaries.

A copy of my CV and publication list can be found here.


Research Interests: X-ray Binaries
Radio Transients - ThunderKAT
GAIA Science Alerts
Modelling stellar wind outflows in OB stars
Magellanic Clouds

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