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PhD graduates

PhD graduates (1972 - present)
Dr Mpati Ramatsoku - 2017  [joint degree UCT/Groningen]
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Cagliary Astronomical Observatory, Italy
Dr Iniyan Natarajan - 2017
Current position:
Dr Enrico Kotze - 2017
Current position: 
Dr Khaled Said - 2017
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow ICRAR
Dr Toky Randriamampandry - 2017
Current position
Dr Laure Catala - 2017
Current position: 
Dr Moses Mogotsi - 2016
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow SAAO, South Africa

Dr Tom Mutabazi - 2015
Current position: Lecturer (Physics), Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda
Dr Rudi Kuhn - 2014
Current position: SALT Astronomer
Dr Paul Kotze - 2014
Current position: Data Scientist
Dr Viral Parekh - 2014
Current position
Dr Roger Ianjamasimanana - 2014
Current position
Dr Bradley Frank - 2013
Current position: Lecturer (Astronomy), University of Cape Town
Dr Andry Rajoelimanana - 2013
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow (Physics), University of the Free State
Dr Marissa Kotze - 2012
Current position: SALT Astronomer
Dr Abiy Tekola - 2011
Current position
Dr Melony Spark - 2011
Current position
Dr Ed Elson - 2010
Current position: Lecturer (Physics and Astronomy), University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Dr Ihab Riad - 2010
Current position: Lecturer (Physics), University of Khartoum, Sudan
Dr Bonita de Swardt - 2009
Current position: SKA South Africa
Dr Michelle Cluver - 2009
Current position: Associate Professor (Physics and Astronomy), University of the Western Cape
Dr Claire Blackman - 2008
Current position: Lecturer (Mathematics and Applied Mathematics), University of Cape Town
Dr Motee Phorah - 2008
Current position: Lecturer (Physics), Central University of Technology Pretoria
Dr Nceba Mhlahlo - 2007
Current position: Lecturer (Physics), University of Witwatersrand
Dr Pierre Vermaak - 2007
Current position:
Dr Lisa Crause - 2006
Current position: Staff astronomer, South African Astronomical Observatory
Prof Thebe Medupe - 2002
Current position: Professor, Northwest University, Mafikeng 
Dr Francois Vuille - 1999
Current position:
Prof Patrick Woudt - 1998
Current position: Head of Department (Astronomy), University of Cape Town
Dr An-Lee Chen - 1994
Current position: Head of Taipei Planetarium, Taiwan
Prof Chris Engelbrecht - 1994
Current position: Associate Professor (Physics), University of Johannesburg
Prof Peter Martinez - 1993
Current position: Professor (Electrical Engineering), University of Cape Town
Prof Derck Smits - 1990
Current position: Professor (Mathematical Sciences), University of South Africa
Prof Hartmut Winkler - 1990
Current position: Professor (Physics), University of Johannesburg
Prof Mark Cropper - 1985
Current position: Professor (Astrophysics), University College London, UK
Dr Robin Catchpole - 1982
Current position: Astronomer (retired), Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge
Dr Darragh O'Donoghue - 1981
Deceased 2015 [obituary]
Dr W Martin - 1980
Prof David Block - 1980
Current position: Professor (Computer Science and Applied Mathematics), University of Witwatersrand
Prof Chris Koen - 1979
Current position: Professor (Statistics), University of the Western Cape
Dr Alistair Walker - 1976
Current position: Astronomer, Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO), Chile
Dr Tim Hawarden - 1975
Deceased 2009 [obituary]
Prof Ed Nather - 1972
Deceased 2014 [biography]