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UCT Astronomy Club

UCT Astronomy Club

Meetings held every second Tuesday in Hoerikwaggo LT1 and followed by stargazing sessions with telescopes on the roof top of the RW James Building.

For more information email: and please join the group on Facebook, “UCT Astronomy Club”.

“Discover the Universe with UCT Astronomy Club”

Aims of the UCT Astronomy Club:

• To promote and encourage a greater interest and participation in the sciences, engineering and, specifically, astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Cape Town.

• To provide a platform for amateur and professional astronomers to meet and observe.

• To conduct a school’s outreach programme, namely, The Stellar Club, to develop maths and science skills in underprivileged schools in the Western Cape; encourage a greater interest in school-learners in the sciences, engineering and, specifically, astronomy.

2010 sees an astronomy club finally being created at UCT. Astronomy is an intrigue shared by all, whether it is in the keen academic endeavours of astronomers and astrophysicists or the appreciative glances at the night-time sky by the ordinary individual. The awe-inspiring vastness of our universe brings up questions of who and what we are, where we are exactly in the great scheme of things, and why we are and everything is. Astronomy is the pursuit to answer some if not all of those questions.
This new society was founded and is chaired by an Electrical Engineering student, Tafadzwa Mukwashi, and is run by a dedicated committee consisting of Priscilla Chauke, Bradley Frank (Committee Advisor), Sally Macfarlane (Vice-Chairperson), Teboho Makhabane (Treasurer), Moses Mogotsi , Riona Ramraj (Secretary) and David Robertson (the adopted and extremely talented Graphic Design student).

The club is supported by the Department of Astronomy, headed by Professor Renee Kraan-Korteweg.

The Astronomy Gazette is the annual publication of the UCT Astronomy Club. First issue is to be released in September 2010.

“For curious bright stars”

The school’s outreach programme of the club, the Stellar Club, is currently focusing on producing free self-teach tutorials in high school mathematics and physical science for distribution around under-resourced schools in Western Cape and Carnavon (one of the towns closest to the SA SKA/ MeerKAT site in the Karoo). The first of the tutorials in mathematics is to be published in October 2010.
Email to find out how you can help make a difference!

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